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Video blog


The HYDRA video blog

... showcases news, course and cruise reports, research projects, filming expeditions and nature themes in short video clips.
The videos are being produced by our DocUnit and our media assistants Dunja Engelbrecht (2011/12) and Naomi Halbach (2012-2014).

Methods of Underwater Research (02'33'')

The course Methods of Underwater Research provides the basics of scientific diving to students and scientists. This unique compact course offers participants to learn and practice the most important techniques of planning, preparation, and successful accomplishment of scientific tasks under water including the final documentation of the results.





From elements to ecosystems (02'25'')

Beginners and advanced students appreciate the wide array of contents of the course 'Introduction to Marine Biology - From Elements to Ecosystems' to approach the largest ecosystem on earth, the sea.





School on the beach (02'06'')

A classroom on the beach. HYDRA gives local pupils the chance to take a a close look on the marine life in front of their home.





A laptop computer for underwater research (02'20'')

HYDRA researcher Miriam Weber shows how she uses a laptop computer connected to microsensors to measure oxygen at seagrass leaves under water.



Plastic in the sea (03'13'')

Andreas Eich and Tobias Mildenberger describe the research they are doing during their bachelor theses at the HYDRA Field Station on Elba.